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Moving Stretch® Certification Courses

Moving Stretch® is an innovative stretching method, which delivers amazing benefits to students and provides lasting results. Using resistance in our self stretching, we work on the fascia and other tissues of the body to recondition and “spring-clean” them.

Working with this technique is very rewarding as you watch people transform in front of you; becoming more open, having greatly improved posture, becoming stronger, more flexible and even more energetic. This training is very unique and will give you the edge in helping your clients.

Our Self-Stretching teacher training certifies you to teach Moving Stretch® self-stretching classes, teach 1-on-1 sessions and also to lead workshops.

Our Assisted-Stretching training course certifies you to do walking massage and Moving Stretch® assisted stretching in one-on-one sessions.

Please note that you have to pass the assessment at the end of any training course in order to be certified at that level.

You can see what our former students have said at the end of this page.
Update: Training courses are on hold for now until things are more settled. If you are interested in training please sign up for updates using the form at the end of this page and I will let you know as soon as new dates are announced.
You can start your self-study before then by reading the book and using the self-stretching videos at home. For insight into what it’s like to be a trainer you could also book an online stretching session with an existing trainer. 


A 3 weekend intensive course, with self study, case study work and assessments, you can be sure that on receiving your certificate you will feel confident in your ability to teach Moving Stretch® classes.
In class you will learn over 50 Moving Stretches with perfect technique, how to teach them in a class, workshop or 1-on-1 format, and learn about the unique anatomy of fascia and how to adapt the stretches in specific cases.
As well as enabling you to become a certified Moving Stretch trainer, you will also learn how to work on your own body to stay healthy. We also cover subjects such as working with clients, business and ethics to make sure you are ready to work as a trainer at the end of the course.
  • Learn to teach stretching with perfect technique
  • Learn how to teach a great group class
  • Study the fascia and how to work with it to reshape the body
  • Learn to assess improvements in clients to track their progress

Assisted Stretching

Moving Stretch® Assisted Stretching is an innovative method of working on the fascia through using the combined power of resistance and movement. Working on the fascia and other tissues of the body in this way reconditions and “spring-cleans” them.
It gets amazing improvements in posture, movement and performance and many people report a significant improvement in quality of life.
On this course you will learn to do basic postural assessment, measure improvements, perform walking massage and do assisted stretching with clients. We will cover fascial anatomy, safety and there will be a strong focus on technique.
Successfully passing the Moving Stretch® Assisted Stretching training  course enables you to do walking massage and assisted stretching, and use the title certified  Moving Stretch® Assisted Stretching Trainer (Moving Stretch® Trainer for short).

How to Apply

If you are interested in training with us please email for a prospectus and to arrange an interview in person or via Skype or FaceTime. Each place is available by interview only and then held after the student agreement is signed and the deposit paid.
If you are given a place, you will be given instructions on how to obtain student insurance and what your reading list is, which you should start well before you attend your first weekend.
Please note that all students and trainers must agree to adhere to the T&Cs of training and Code of Conduct.

Student Testimonials

“The Moving Stretch Resistance Stretching training course was a great experience for me. Whether you are already working in the health and wellness profession and want to learn about a new modality, or you are new to stretching and are intrigued to know more, Moving Stretch is a unique and worthwhile course.

Claudia practices in Canada
Claudia practices in Canada
It is a modality that is able to be presented to people of all ages and abilities. Whether used to teach classes or one on one sessions, or for your own personal health, fitness and well being, the training and knowledge attained from this course will prove useful for years to come! You will also become part of a supportive group of trainers that remain connected by this modality no matter where they are located geographically.

David practices in the UK

As a professional dancer, keeping my body in shape has always been important to me, which is why I wanted to deepen my understanding of stretching. As I was looking for training in stretching I came across Suzanne Wylde and her Moving Stretch technique.
From the very start I was impressed with the efficient and professional way in which the course was delivered. It covered a lot of information (both practical and theoretical) divided into concise chunks. The structure of the course was very clear and included information on resistance stretching, fascia, other modalities that work with the fascia, posture and of course the Moving Stretch exercises.
Andrea teaches in the UK
Suzanne has a calm and logical method of teaching that truly connected and inspired me. She is willing to share her expert knowledge and answer any question you come up with. Moreover, her tips on how to approach different clients are excellent and her dedication to people’s health is clear.
Moving Stretch is an advanced method of both stretching and strengthening the body at the same time, and is also a very efficient method of improving your physical and mental state. I have personally benefitted by becoming stronger leaner and now have much better posture.
Meeting Suzanne and learning her Moving Stretch technique has been one of the best choices I have made, I enriched my knowledge of the body and how to improve it in an effective and reliable way. I hope you take this opportunity of learning how to change your own body and that of your clients and students in the future!

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