Moving Stretch®

Created by Suzanne Wylde, this is an amazingly simple, effective and enjoyable way to stretch. A revolutionary new method, it focuses on re-conditioning and releasing the body’s fascia, so that people are free to move and be, without pain or limitation, helping them to be faster, lighter, stronger, taller and more open in their posture.

Our aim is to help people to learn to stretch in a way that is powerful, effective and satisfying and sharing that information through books, videos, classes and one-on-one sessions. 

About Us

Moving Stretch trainers provide high-quality classes and one-on-one sessions. Dedicated to movement, health and exercise, they each bring an individual slant to their Moving Stretch teaching.

Our Self-Stretching Trainers give amazing self-stretching classes and one-on-one sessions. Our Assisted Stretching trainers provide one-on-one walking massage and assisted stretching sessions. Trainers listed on this site have all passed rigid assessments and are fully certified Moving Stretch trainers.

About Suzanne

Suzanne Wylde

Founder of Moving Stretch®
BSc (Hons), BM (Beijing), MATCM
Suzanne started her journey in the art of movement, health and wellness, with studying Tai Chi at the fairly young (for this sort of work) age of 16. This inspired a love of Chinese medical theory and she went on to complete a 5-year degree in Traditional Chinese medicine, which included 6 months studying in the hospitals of Beijing. She then co-ran a practice within a running shop and worked with people suffering from a wide range of sports injuries and others who wanted to avoid injury and boost their performance. She also worked with clients from many different backgrounds and a wide range of health and physical issues.
A few years after graduating she was lucky enough to successfully apply for the only paid NHS job for an acupuncturist in the UK, in Kingston Hospital pain clinic, where she worked on many people with acute and chronic pain conditions, and other issues such as MS and chronic fatigue. After 11 months of working in the NHS for 3 days a week she had given over 1500 treatments (not including her private practice) greatly expanding her knowledge and experience of working with both pain and the body as an integrated and sensitive system.
At this point she had already begun her resistance stretching journey, self-stretching at home and seeing remarkable benefits. She then went to Boston and completed a 6 month full-time course in resistance stretching with Bob Cooley, becoming a fully qualified stretching trainer and one of only a few within the UK.
After practicing for several years, she combined over 10 years of experience as a therapist to create Moving Stretch®; a system of stretching which can be accessed by people from many different backgrounds, ages and levels of ability. It is designed to work well alongside sports and physical activities that people already do (helping their performance and technique) and also to help people with specific issues including posture, limited ROM and pain. She believes that freedom of movement is essential for a healthy and happy life, and loves helping people to free their bodies. Check out for more information on her other work.

Sessions With Suzanne

Suzanne is currently offering 1-2-1 stretching classes online, but she does get very booked up so you may be more likely to book a session with one of the other trainers. And with her other hat on she is a holistic and leadership coach so if you are interested in working with Suzanne in that way, check out the information on coaching sessions here.
Suzanne’s book: Moving Stretch: Work Your Fascia to Free Your Body is available to buy online here, while you’ll find info on her self-help books here.

“Movement is the universal language of personal freedom.”

– Louis Chevrolet

Our Ethos

Although we are just a small stretching brand, we are growing and it is important to us that we follow some key values. We believe in meeting our clients and students where they are, and following the timetable of their body, so that we can deliver safe and sustainable yet effective results.
We foster an inclusive atmosphere in classes with no emphasis on competition, but paying attention to our own bodies and doing what is best for us as an individual. In one-on-one sessions we listen to the needs of our clients and then agree the best way forward; rather than dictate, we collaborate.
Stretching is more than being able to do the splits; this type of stretching is about movement, staying free to move and opening up into good posture. It is not about forcing the body, but asking it to change and supporting its needs in terms of strength and flexibility to make it safe to do so.
Our trainers are encouraged to follow the highest standards yet think outside the box and are some of the nicest people we know. To sum up, our core values include; compassion, innovation, reliability and flexibility. GSOH essential.