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Moving Stretch® and founder Suzanne Wylde have been reviewed in national magazines and newspapers, online magazines and on the radio.
(To avoid confusion please note Suzanne used to be called Suzanne Waterworth and in its first incarnation Moving Stretch was called Revive Stretching, so these articles may use either name.)
The Times

"Having been skeptical about a treatment that claimed to iron out postural kinks, improve breathing by opening out chest muscles that have spent too much time hunched over a desk and even give your skin a glow, I leave having experienced that and more."

Peta Bee

Adrien Chiles for The Times

"... she has come up with exactly what I went to her for, a short, simple stretching routine that men and women of my vintage can do twice a day to help us stave off that premature rigour mortis that seems to afflict us all."

The Times

"Suzanne Wylde, a stretching expert to the Primrose Hill set...  ...says that deep stretching is transformative and will change the way you look as well as how you feel."

Peta Bee

The Daily Mail

"Stretch yourself happy! It’s how the A-list unwind - a new fitness trend that promises to boost your body and your mood"

Anna Maxted

The Guardian

"...the feeling after the session was incredible. And I’ve kept it up a few minutes each day, stretching my hamstrings on tables and my back on door frames.

Is it worth it? Hugely."

Stuart Heritage


" Of the many places I might have hoped to find ecstasy, I didn't expect it to be on a gym floor in Covent Garden. Nor would I have imagined such a rushing feeling of joy could come from something as apparently simple as stretching."

Rebecca Newman

The Mirror

"Stretching will tone and strengthen your whole body and boost flexibility. Plus, you’ll transform your figure – in fact some people have even reported a reduction in cellulite."

Caroline Jones


"Stretching makes us feel more alive, freeing up energy for inspiration and motivation."


Marie Claire

"Stretching also stimulates the production of collagen... ...If you stretch three times a week, it's been shown to increase lean muscle."

Lisa Oxenham

Evening Standard

" When she finishes on one side, I stand up and instantly notice the imbalance - one side loose, the other all hunched... ... It obviously works. Now I just need to find someone to do this with me every day."

Jasmine Gardner


"Sitting at a desk all day has its consequences - tight hips, slowing of the metabolism and brain function, a strained neck and inflexible spine are just some of them... .. I called on stretching expert Suzanne Wylde to share 4 stretches you can do at your desk..."

Amy Lawrenson

The Guardian

'Our bodies depend on movement just to function normally, so I believe that the worst aspect of flying is that it is hard to stretch out or move much at all to get our blood circulating.' Wylde advises you should stretch before, during and after your flight." - don't sit still for hours and hours, stretch out and keep your limbs healthy!

Daniel Lavelle

Harper's Bazaar

"It is unlike anything you will have tried before and can feel quite intense but in the days afterwards you realise that your body feels freer and more balanced, and, crucially, pain free."

Sian Ranscombe

Evening Standard

"Suzanne.. ..uses her feet to feel out kinks in the layers of your fascia, followed by a hands-on resistance stretch, during which she actively reconditions the fascia."

Katie Service

Evening Standard

"Her approach... ...involves a different kind of stretching to PE class, touch-your-toes basics... ...Wylde describes fascia as “the big yellow wetsuit under our skin that holds us together” — basically our connective tissue. Engaging it means that you’re simultaneously using your body’s flexibility and strength."

Rachael Sigee

MTV Fitness

" “If we stretch afterwards we not only help to avoid DOMS, but we are much more likely to maintain a good range of motion.” Moving through stretch patterns helps tells your body you want to stay flexible, which is especially important after exercise which might make it want to tighten up to protect itself. Research has found that one-off stretching sessions don’t help improve your workout performance, but regular stretching does.."

Georgia Scarr


"... effectively loosening the fascia (the tissue that holds things in place) to get you properly aligned."

Francesca White


At Home with Lorraine Kelly

"These stretch-based sessions focus on the care of the fascia.. .. and can free the body of tension, improve posture and boost flexibility."

Amy Tarrant

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