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Want to Stretch at Home?

Now you can learn to stretch by yourself wherever you like, with the official Moving Stretch book. With 95 different stretches and 8 powerful routines this book will teach you all you need to know to transform your own body.
You can also learn about resistance stretching, about fascia and about how the body can transform through using the Moving Stretch technique. Why wait? Buy your copy today

Moving Stretch is a new method of resistance stretching that is very simple and accessible, so can use it whatever your body type of level of flexibility.
You will be able to create a stretching routine perfect for your body, assess your own flexibility and measure your results as your stretching progresses.
This book puts you in the drivers seat, showing you how to make your body healthy, strong and flexible, and keep it that way.
You will be able to:
  • Assess your own flexibility
  • Stretch with resistance
  • Create your own stretching routine

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 Moving Stretch is also out in the US, you can order the paperback or ebook versions here on or Barnes and Noble here.


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 Moving Stretch is available in Germany, named Das neue Faszien-Stretching: Die Moving-Stretch-Methode and you can buy it on here.


Check out this review of the Moving Stretch book by Pavan Mehat:

And other reviews from people using the book:
"Within a week I noticed an increase in the range of movement and a decrease in the levels stress and anxiety... ...The book has easy to follow instructions that are clearly illustrated, and a perfect amount of theory to help you understand what you are doing and why. I would definitely recommend it".
- D.U., London
"I highly recommend that anyone interested in how the body works - in particular the important role that the fascia plays - reads this book. I normally find that I start books but struggle to finish them however I read this from start to finish as soon as I got it. It is extremely well written and easy to read with plenty of theory behind the stretching method...   ...It has made a big difference to me actually knowing what is going on in my body as I am going through the routines in the book and I feel the benefit instantly. Having read a lot of books about health, fitness, human movement, this one is up there with the best of them".
- David, Brighton
"I started some of these exercises (there are a lot of different ones) and after a few weeks my daughter has noticed my posture has improved and I feel that my body is more open. I already do pilates, so didn't know if these exercises would make much difference, but they have and very quickly."
- Dorothy, Essex
"I'm using a few of the exercises already and can feel a real difference - more than I'd expected."
- Gill, Switzerland
"The exercises teach you how to look after yourself, how to engage your muscles and how to use the tension to stretch powerfully. I’m stronger, more flexible, and even a little more agile than I ever believed I could be. Moving Stretch has changed my life. And now that I’m here, there’s no going back; I’ll keep on stretching."
- Hannah, London

95 Stretches

Broken up into 5 major categories:
  • Warm-up Stretches
  • Front of the Body
  • Back of the Body
  • Outside of the Body
  • Inside of the Legs


8 Routines

Powerful stretches for a range of goals including:

  • Boosting Flexibility
  • Back Health
  • Office Workers' Health
  • "Un-Hunching"
  • Stretching for the Legs

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