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Find a Moving Stretch® trainer in the UK and beyond. These trainers have all trained with us and passed multiple assessments to gain their qualification.

Self-Stretching trainers can offer classes and one-on-one lessons in self-stretching, and Assisted-Stretching trainers can offer both self stretching and one-on-one assisted stretching sessions.

Suzanne Wylde

Founder of Moving Stretch®
BSc (Hons), BM (Beijing).
LA, California

Suzanne is the creator of the Moving Stretch technique and the author of the Moving Stretch book. She has a passion for helping people to feel great both in body and mind.
In addition to stretching she has a background in coaching, acupuncture and alternative therapies. For her full bio see the About page.
She stays busy writing books and creating courses (and other tools) to help people feel more at ease in body and mind. Check out her coaching work here.

 Suzette Chin

Self-Stretching and Assisted-Stretching Moving Stretch® Trainer
Suzette originally trained in Resistance Stretching in the States and has undergone the training to become a Moving Stretch® trainer. Suzette also has a five-year degree in Traditional Chinese medicine under her belt and is a skilled and intuitive therapist.
With many years of experience, you will be in safe hands whether you see her for a one-on-one assisted stretching session, or attend one of her classes.
Suzette works in Bristol and Taunton, to contact her about classes or for a session please email her on:, call or text on +447804108588, or visit her website: Acu Stretch or Facebook page.

Deborah Wilks

Self-Stretching and Assisted-Stretching Moving Stretch® Trainer
Winchester, UK
Deborah was struggling to get over a skiing accident until she found a Moving Stretch® trainer. The transformation to her body in just a few sessions was remarkable: her back pain had really reduced and the benefits to her body as a whole were far greater than she had expected.
So emerged the desire to become a Moving Stretch® Trainer herself, to help people to release their body from pain, stiffness, and limitation. She trained directly under Moving Stretch creator and founder Suzanne Wylde and her learning continues. Deborah is passionate about sharing this ground-breaking new way to stretch,   contact her to arrange a  class or 1:2:1 session in self-stretching.
Sessions are available at New Energy Fitness and New Energy Yoga Winchester Monday to Saturday.
To book a 1:2:1 session please email: or call or text: 07914355712

Andrea Molin

Self-Stretching Moving Stretch® Trainer
London, UK
Andrea studied and deepened his ballet education at I.A.L.S in Rome. His passion and discipline brought him to become a professional dancer. He has danced soloist roles in several classic and had worked in different ballet companies. He extended his credentials in a wide variety of styles ( modern, contemporary, dance theatre , Latin American, musical) gained with national and international companies. During his professional career he taught floor bar in different venues ( El Horno in Madrid, I.A.L.S, Push up centre Rome, Fiber Gym London and others) with great satisfaction.
At this point Andrea had already began to expand his knowledge about stretching. To complete his professional studies he has trained directly with Suzanne Wylde creator and founder of Moving Stretch, discovering a new and efficient technique which improves physical strength and flexibility. Already after few sessions he experienced benefits within his body and in his performance.
Andrea welcomes you to his group classes or to a personalised one-to-one session. He is based in London, but is happy to travel to wherever you are!
Contact him on:

David Croft

Self-Stretching and Assisted-Stretching Moving Stretch® Trainer
West Sussex and Brighton, UK

Having trained directly under Moving Stretch creator and founder Suzanne Wylde, David is passionate about sharing this ground breaking new way to stretch, which is unique and distinct from traditional stretching techniques; leading both group Moving Stretch® sessions but also providing tailor-made one-to-one sessions, with the hope that others can reap the many benefits of the technique that he has.
With a great interest in all forms of natural movement, David also trained to become a Functional Range Conditioning Mobility Specialist (FRCms) under Dr Andreo Spina, and has attended movement workshops run by the likes of Ido Portal and MovNat, as well as breathing workshops run by world renowned S&C coach Steve Maxwell, and “The Iceman” Wim Hof. Other training includes studying nutrition with the Health Science Academy and Reiki Level 2 energy work.
All of this enables David to take a diverse approach in improving people’s freedom of movement, and quality of life, which he puts in to practise not only in his group classes and 1-2-1 resistance stretching sessions, but in workshops and retreats that he regularly runs throughout the UK and Europe.

Website:   Phone: 07528066661   Email:         Facebook: /flexandstretchuk/

Claudia Benedict

Self-Stretching and Assisted-Stretching Moving Stretch® Trainer
Windsor, Nova Scotia, Canada
Claudia has a background in Education and Child Development. After having a personal interest in energy and bodywork for quite some time, Claudia decided to train directly with Suzanne Wylde in the United Kingdom. Along with being a Moving Stretch Trainer, Claudia has second degree Reiki training and is currently studying RAPID Adhesion Release Technique to further her understanding of fascia and how being free from adhesions and scar tissue aid in the body’s functionality and mobility.
She is currently living in Windsor, Nova Scotia, Canada, and offers classes and one-on-one sessions at Marilyn Roberts Clinic, and provides mobile treatments as well.
Visit her website Power Stretch at or email Claudia at: