Equipment for better Stretching

If you want to get the most out of your Moving Stretch practice at home you may benefit from having a little equipment on hand. It can be hard to know what kind of things to get, so I have made some suggestions of things I think may benefit you. I have used affiliate links, so I may make a little money if you purchase an item after clicking on one of these links (which will not affect the price you pay). I have no affiliation with the company, I just think these products are good.

Kit to Help you Stretch

While stretching it is really helpful to use a yoga mat as the grip can make you more stable and the extra cushioning also really helps. This is one great option: TOPLUS Yoga Mat made of Eco Friendly TPE and 6mm thick. Alternatively if you don't mind spending a bit more for an even more eco-friendly version, the Yogibato mat is made of cork and natural rubber and is free of phthalates
If you experience difficulty kneeling or lying on harder surfaces and normal yoga mats do not give you enough support, you might enjoy a thicker alternative such as the Extra thick 15mm Yoga mat by Romix. I sometimes use a thicker mat for the stretches that require me to put more pressure on my knees, but the downside is that you may find it slightly harder to balance and maintain control while standing/ kneeling on it.
If you prefer a normal mat, but need extra cushioning for your knees, using knee-pads can be really helpful in protecting your knees from hard floors, these ones are a great option: Sunspeed Yoga Knee Pads.
If you find yourself travelling a lot and do not have space to carry a mat everywhere, a travel-sized mat is a great option. You can easily pop it in your suitcase or carry-on and when you arrive at your destination you can put it on a carpeted area for extra cushioning (as long as that carpet or rug does not move on the floor, but is stable). These are two great options: 1) The YOGO Ultralight Travel Yoga Mat which is made of natural rubber from sustainable sources, or 2) The Manduka eKo superlight which is made from biodegradable natural rubber and is also suitable for most people with latex allergies.
If you want to use a travel mat but find it hard on your knees, you could also pack a knee pad in your luggage.
Some of the Moving Stretches also require a strap, and although you can substitute a belt or a towel, a proper strap can give you a bit more traction and the loop is often helpful. This Yamkas yoga strap is made of durable cotton.
Finally, you will not need this quite as often, but when you have trouble reaching to the floor with your hands you can lean on a yoga block instead. I sometimes substitute books if I am somewhere without my usual kit, but these can slip on the floor or against each other. For extra stability (which lets you pay more attention to the stretch and the areas that matter) I highly recommend using a yoga block. The Lotuscrafts Yoga Block is a good eco-friendly natural cork option, or the VLFit block is a cheaper option made of Eco-friendly high-density EVA foam if you are on a budget.  
I hope this has been helpful! Whatever the size of your budget, a little investment into your stretching can go a long way, but equally you can always do some stretching - whether you have all the equipment or not.
Also check out this range of comfy organic cotton Moving Stretch kit (more coming soon) which you can stretch or just be generally comfy in.
I hope you are managing a regular stretching routine whether you are using the book, our online videos or the free videos on our YouTube page. Keep stretching!


Although I have made suggestions of products above, I cannot accept any liability for issues that occur while using them and any quality complaints must be referred to the seller or manufacturer. I recommend you use props safely and only stretch if you are fit and well enough to do so.