David Croft

With a passion for both natural movement and Moving Stretch, David is a trainer who can get you noticeable and sustainable improvements fast.

For more information on online sessions email: davidtcroft15@gmail.

Or check out his website: https://flexandstretch.co.uk


"Having worked with David for the last month on my stretching,I noticed a real difference in posture. I was suffering from an acute case of Sciatica , the stretching plan that David devised for me not only practically cured my Sciatic pain but my training itself has improved. My range of movement has allowed my squats and bench press to improve greatly.

I would recommend David to anyone and have already passed his number onto a few of my patients, and will be doing so more now as well.

Thank you David."

- Alex Wheatman (Sports Injury Specialist and Former World Record Holder Powerlifter)

"Walking Massage/Stretching’ with David is both physically and mentally beneficial. Working in a sedentary job I suffered from backache, neck ache and headaches. I also had a tendency to slouch so my posture is not good. From my first session with David I noticed dramatic differences.

I didn’t realise how important stretching was to my all round well being, although I did know I needed to become ‘more toned’. Consequently the pain I had been experiencing is now negligible,  I’ve had no headaches, and feel an inch taller with an upright posture.  I now understand my body better. My range of movement has improved, muscles are stronger and I’m much more flexible.

Leaving the best until last; I used to be a shallow breather, which is unusual for a singer. I now breathe correctly from my diaphragm and I feel my oxygen intake has increased dramatically as I feel I now use my lung capacity to the maximum."

- Sheena Mitchell (Personal Shopper, Receptionist and Singer)

"A combination of David’s 1 2 1 sessions and classes have provided a new dimension to my all-round fitness.  Learning about and working on my fascia complements my yoga wonderfully and has improved my strength and flexibility. There are many things I enjoy about Moving Stretch not least the ability to do resistance stretching pretty much anywhere and anytime. The conscious movement of the fascia works wonders for posture and mobility.

David has a very relaxed and effective teaching style which combined with sensitivity and knowledge provides everything you would want from a teacher.

 Cheers David."

- Richard Griffiths (Retired Sales Executive, Enthusiastic Yogi ad Gardner)

"At 84yrs old I thought there wasn’t a lot which could be done about my ‘Dowagers Hump’, dizziness and unsteadiness.

After working with David it’s hard to believe the difference it’s made.

He’s worked on my posture through stretching and I breathe more deeply.  Because of this I’m much steadier on my feet and rarely dizzy.

Everyone comments on how fit and well I look.  I feel good, and so much more confident."

- Janet Mitchell (Retired Model)

Note on having online sessions: any trainers listed on this site have trained with Moving Stretch founder Suzanne Wylde, but are not employed by her. Therefore you will arrange and pay for your sessions directly with your trainer, and Suzanne cannot take responsibility for the quality of the sessions. However, each trainer has passed multiple assessments to ensure a great standard.