Some Warm Up Stretches

These stretches are great for warming up the whole body and getting you moving before you do more specific stretches. Take them at your own pace and feel free to pause at any time or repeat them as you like.

Circling Arms Out

This is a great warm-up stretch that opens your chest and shoulders and gets the blood flowing right away. Think about opening up and stretching out in all directions with your arms.

Sit Cross-Legged. Lean Forward

A great stretch for your abductors. Make sure your feet are under your knees and not further back. If you are very stiff  you can also move your feet further forward if that is easier, and do not push too hard or lean forward further than is comfortable.

Parallel Arms, Push to the Side

Curving yourself sideways like a bow, you stretch one side of your body all the way down to your hip and outside of your leg. (Be careful if you have any back issues and start with smaller movements first.)

Wide-leg Hamstring

This stretch is a variation on an old classic, but you need to resist continuously, move slowly and you do not need to stay at the end of the range of motion for very long. Think about tensing the muscles on the inside as well as the back of the legs and keeping your back long.

There are many more stretching videos you can use. Click here to purchase access to all of our online videos.


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