Training Course T&Cs and Code of Conduct


Please read the T&C’s as set out below. It is essential to read and understand them when you sign the student agreement, as you will be agreeing to these terms.
If you have any questions, please ask them before you sign the agreement.

Code of conduct

This code is to ensure that we are all on the same page with regards to how we teach stretching and stretch people, how we treat others and other trainers. All Moving Stretch trainers are expected to comply with this Code of Conduct.
If you have any questions about this, it is best to ask before training with us.

T&Cs of Training

Welcome future Moving Stretch® trainers. Here are the simple terms and conditions of studying with Moving Stretch®. Please read them before committing to enrolling on a course.
Terms and Conditions
All lectures must be attended (or a catch up session attended if the student must miss one of the dates, at extra cost) and assessments passed to become a qualified Moving Stretch® Trainer, to receive their certificate and to be insurable.
Admission on the course does not guarantee a successful pass, the student must achieve at least the minimum pass requirement of 70% average across their assessments to receive their certificate.
Each student must abide by the code of conduct for students and Trainers set out below.
Students and Trainers are not to reproduce the stretches and exercises that they learn from the course in video or book format without receiving written permission from Suzanne Wylde beforehand.
The handouts given during the training are for Moving Stretch® students and trainers only, it is not permitted to share or copy them in any form. Students will not divulge any of the shared information on the student and trainer forum or share the videos and content on the forum with others. This is to maintain the standard and integrity of the training.
Students and Trainers must maintain good standards of practice and clear records for the duration of both their course and their work as a Trainer.
Students must not train others to teach Moving Stretch® without first undergoing and passing the Moving Stretch® teacher training qualification.
Moving Stretch® does not guarantee employment at the end of the course.
These terms and conditions may be updated by Moving Stretch® in the future as seen fit.

Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct for Students and Trainers
Each student and Trainer shall undertake classes and one-on-one sessions in a professional and helpful manner.
Clients’ details shall be kept confidential, and only shared if the client gives their consent and then only with the specific people the client has consented for the information to be shared with.
Students and Trainers will teach and work with clients in a respectful and compassionate manner, maintaining healthy boundaries, and working with an attitude that welcomes people from any background or level of ability.
Negative discrimination and prejudice is not acceptable on any level.
Although clients will naturally get on with some clients better than others it is essential that favouritism is not displayed in classes, and equal attention is given to all students.
Stretching must proceed according to the timetable of the client’s body, rather than their, or their Trainer’s, hopes or expectations.
If clients present with serious medical conditions or physical issues, the client must be asked to obtain advice from a doctor before stretching.
Students and Trainers must not make promises to cure people, especially those with very serious conditions, but give a conservative “educated guess” about the value they expect the client to derive from stretching.
When appearing television or in a newspaper or radio station to talk about Moving Stretch®, please make sure you present the correct facts and try to prepare beforehand. For major TV, radio or news interviews we recommend you talk to Suzanne Wylde or another senior trainer beforehand, to help prepare.
Students and Trainers will refer to the system and technique as Moving Stretch®, or Moving Stretch® technique in their marketing materials. When practicing as a Moving Stretch® trainer they will list their qualification as (insert correct type of training) “Moving Stretch® Self-Stretching Certification” or “Moving Stretch® Assisted-Stretching Certification” on their website or CV. If the trainer has done a certain Level of training, this could also be noted, i.e.; “Moving Stretch Level 3 Assisted-Stretching Certification”.
Students and Trainers will present a professional image of Moving Stretch® and not say negative things about the system or other trainers, out of respect, but instead address any concerns they may have in an appropriate and mature manner.
Please remember, that the effect we can have on people’s lives may extend quite far beyond simple stretching, so it is important to behave in a compassionate, calm and kind manner.
Students and Trainers will endeavour to keep up-to-date with the latest Moving Stretch® techniques as well as anatomy and stretching research and information.
When storing clients’ data either on paper or in digital format, students and Trainers must comply with the Data Protection Act 1998.
Students and Trainers should try to enjoy and expand their own stretching practice, ensuring that they have good health, mood and energy levels and protecting these by balancing their work on/ with others with working enough on themselves.
Students and Trainers will not reproduce the stretches in the context of rebranding them as their own technique, unless given written permission from Suzanne Wylde.
Students and Trainers will not divulge any of the shared information on the student and trainer forum and will communicate in a positive and useful manner.

It only remains for me to welcome you to this exciting new system and way of working with people. Together we will be changing bodies and improving lives across the UK and internationally. There is no such thing as a person who cannot reach their potential.
Welcome to Moving Stretch®!