Some Back of the Body Stretches

These Moving Stretches for are for the back of your body. This includes the back of your neck, your whole back and the backs of your legs.

Bent Over from the Waist Neck and Back Stretch

This stretch is great because it simultaneously works on the neck, back and hamstrings. The key is to stay balanced and to have something sturdy to lean on in case of losing your balance.

Lat stretch at desk

A lovely stretch for your lats (your back). Do not lean forward onto your hands, but keep all the weight on your front leg. The key is to move smoothly backwards as you go down, in order to feel a lengthening in the back and shoulders as you stretch.

Squat to Hamstring Stretch

By moving from a squatting position to standing with your legs as straight as you can comfortably you will be stretching the backs of your legs. Don’t worry if your heels are not on the floor, or if you need to hold onto something sturdy to stabilize you.

Angel Wings Up And Down

This stretch certainly lets you know if you have any sticking points or restrictions around your shoulder blades. If you can feel certain areas that do not move easily and there is no pain, then persist with this stretch to improve it.

Kneeling Sit Back

Start with your front knee very bent and as the front foot pulls continuously down into the ground, sit back smoothly to stretch the back of that leg. Use padding under your knee if that is more comfortable.

Sitting Toe Stretch

The key to this stretch for the soles of the feet is to maintain the tension by having the toes push themselves down into the floor continuously, unless it is sore to do so.

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