Some Outside of the Body Stretches

These stretches are for the outside of the neck, torso, legs and ankles. Stretching the outside of the body helps to create much more freedom and ease of movement.

Arm Pull Down for Top of Shoulders

In this stretch for the top of your shoulder, your bent elbow pulls itself up and out to the side as your other arm pulls it diagonally back down.

Cat Stretch Side to Side

This is a stretch for the sides of your neck and torso. Try not to turn your head, but keep looking down so that your ear is moving closer to your hips rather than your chin.

Abductor Bent Leg Stretch

This stretches your glutes and the outside of your thighs. As your bent leg continuously pushes backwards into your standing leg, lean forward smoothly. It is best to lean on a chair, desk or wall for stability.

Sitting Abductor Squeeze

This stretch is for your glutes and the outside of your thighs. As your knees push out continuously, your arms straighten and squeeze in to stretch your abductors. Keep your shoulders down and your neck and shoulders relaxed.

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