Some Inside of the Leg Stretches

These stretches are for the insides of the thighs and calves. Take it slowly, as they like a little more warming up than some of the other stretches.

Sitting With Feet Touching

This is a strong stretch although it does not look like much from the outside! Try not to bend forward from your hips, but concentrate on only shifting your pelvi forward. Pulling backwards with your hands can help you get more leverage.

Adductors at a Chair

A slightly more demanding stretch, place the loop around the foot and swing it out as far as you can, then pull your foot in towards the opposite shoulder smoothly with the strap, keeping your knee in the same position.

Straight Leg Sit Back

The aim is to pull down into the ground to engage your inner thigh then sit back smoothly to stretch it. Intensify the stretch by rolling your torso away from the leg you are stretching.

Squatting Adductors

This stretch is for your glutes and the outside of your thighs. As your knees push out continuously, your arms straighten and squeeze in to stretch your abductors. Keep your shoulders down and your neck and shoulders relaxed.

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