Some Front of the Body Stretches

These are some of the Moving Stretches for the front of the body. This area includes the front of your neck and shoulders, your chest, abdomen, front of your hips and legs.

Lift Head Against Resistance

A simple but effective stretch for the chest, neck and front of your shoulders. Try to keep the tension in the front of your neck rather than the back of your neck, and your shoulders down.

Pulling Arm Down Into Floor And Opening Chest

This chest stretch is adjustable as you can change the position of your arm. Bear in mind that you always need to sit back away from your outstretched arm, wherever it is.

Quad Stretch on Knees

This stretch can be extended to include the front of the throat, chest and abdomen in addition to the quads, by creating tension in the whole of the front of your body as you bring your elbows, shoulders and head back against that tension.

Overhead Shoulder and Chest Stretch

This is a strong stretch for your shoulders and chest.  If you get tired from having your arms above your head for so long it is fine to take a break. Also if you are very flexible, only move your arms back as far as your shoulders stay in the same position in the joint.

Prayer Hands

A great hand and forearm stretch, make sure you maintain the pressure as you evenly lower your hands. Always keep the fingertips touching and the tension on and only go as far down as you are still getting a stretch.

Hip flexor Low Lunge

This stretches the front of one hip at a time. To create more resistance you can pull your back leg down into the  ground, or if it is too hard you can kneel on one knee, pulling that knee forward as you lower your hip to the floor.

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