A Stretching Routine

The Moving Stretch routines take you through a range of stretches designed to help you boost your posture and flexibility and some also work on specific issues.

All Around Flexibility Booster

These stretches are great for people who need to start building flexibility in general, but can also be used as a great warm up to a stretching session. It is also a good routine to use to help the body re-learn to function in an integrated way.

As you do these stretches bear in mind that the whole body is connected and try to create tension across a wide area to stretch the body as a whole.

How to Use the Routines

The routines are a really handy way to stretch as you can follow them without needing to select your own stretches. You can use them in addition to other stretches or just do one routine.

If you want to extend a routine you can pause the video and complete more reps, if you need to do less, just sit some of the reps out. I recommend you have a bottle of water handy.

If you want to focus on one routine for a while, why not do it every day for 30 days initially, so that you can experience a significant change. Or, if you want to do a variety of different routines, you can do a different one each day.

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