Men’s Basic Flexibility Program

This program is a sample of the full Men’s Flexibility Program. If you like it, you can subscribe to the full program here.

You can do these stretches 5-6 days a week for 3 weeks. If you want to continue your stretching after 3 weeks I recommend you either progress to the full program or at least add different stretches to your routine.

If you haven’t already, check out this guide on how to stretch, and then come back and start stretching! There are also some notes below to help you get the most out of your stretching.

If you want to jump in to the full 6-week program, just click here and get started. Otherwise, try the stretches below for free.

Please note that these stretches do not need a massive range of motion, so try not to feel too frustrated if you are not going very far as that is not the point of these stretches. You can get great changes within a small range of motion, which will then naturally start to increase. Staying within our natural limits can lead to faster changes.

1. Shoulder-Width Squat for Hamstrings

This stretch is great for people with limited flexibility because it uses your body weight to increase the effectiveness of the stretch. Much better than reaching forward to touch your toes! Bear this in mind as you let the weight of your torso intensify the stretch as you straighten your knees, stretching your hamstrings.

2. Wideleg Squat

This stretches the inside back of your legs. Try to keep the tension on continuously by squeezing your legs inwards and backwards behind you (without actually moving your feet). No problem if its hard to reach the floor, just use a yoga block or chair to lean on.

3. Chest Stretch On Chair

You stretch your chest as you sit back and turn away from your hand. If stretching with your arm straight hurts your elbow at all, just bend it slightly, and keep it bent like that throughout the stretch.

4. Lat stretch at desk

A lovely stretch for your lats (your back). Do not lean forward onto your hands, but keep all the weight on your front leg. The key is to move smoothly backwards as you go down, in order to feel a lengthening in the back and shoulders as you stretch. Pull your shoulder blades down and together before you start.

How to Use this Program

Do all of the stretches above every day for 1-3 weeks, up to 6 days a week. We recommend stretching at least 4 days a week to see a change. If you want to extend a routine you can pause the video and complete more reps, if you need to do less, just sit some of the reps out. Typically people do 7-10 reps of each stretch, and 1-3 sets.

I recommend you have a bottle of water handy and also a yoga mat is a plus.

Please remember never to push through pain, keep moderate tension in the muscles throughout and do not hold the stretch – the stretch happens while you are moving. Also, do not force yourself at the end of the stretch, we get increases in the range of motion by staying within our natural range, so our body feels safe to adapt. If you need to let go of the tension in order to go further then you are going too far.

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